Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hello everyone,

I know I have been gone for a long time. So much has been going on. Were shall I begin?????? We had a wonderful vacation and it was back to the grind but I promise the grind is going away in the very near future. We found out that my oldest is allergic to several food products and I am praying that they put a whole foods closer than 45 mins away. My very dear friends daughter is battling Lukemia, please pray for her and her family. My best friend is having a rough August.

On a brighter note I have gotten very involved in my new business. My husband and I are working for an energy company part time it is awesome. We market natural gas in Georgia and Electricity in Texas. Our business is growing leaps and bounds in the first month. WOW we are excited. It doesn't take much of our time and it is fun. I know this is the answer to a lot of questions. The most important one being. How are we going to spend more time with our children? If you want to know more about how easy this opportunity is send me an email.

As a family we are working very hard in many aspects of our life. Eating, exercising, spending, and time management.

Have a wonderful day and have missed you all but I will be making an effort to check in more often.

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