Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As most of you know I coach.  I love to coach.  I really do.  I was very hesitant when I was asked to coach a travel team.  I knew the organization was in a bind so I jumped in.  Now I am completely happy with my decision.  Someone tell me why there always has to be dang DRAMA.  I really am not a DRAMA type of girl.  At least that is what I thought.  DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!  It isn't even with my own team.  Crud I can't handle it.  Flippin DRAMA.

So last night I ran a suicide with my players because I was on the losing team and that was the deal.  Can't move today.  So then towards the end of practice the girls were bragging that they beat me in a suicide.  I responded that a coach my age X should lose.  One of my players said you are that young.  Implying she thought I was older.  I made her run.  She was laughing so hard.  We had so much fun yesterday.

So I hope that there is no DRAMA in the Team DRAMA camp today.  I just can't handle it.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Today I am so excited.  I am registering my team for their second tournament.  Our first weekend was a huge stepping stone for my girls.  They came out and proved throughout the weekend that they want to play basketball and have lots of potential. 
Practice tonight and I hope they are ready to work hard.  

I am hoping that Sammi my swimmer is able to swim this weekend.  She has one more event to get to iron girl this season.  Of course Mom forgot to sign her up for the meet.  Wow we are so proud of her progress.  She has lots of heart and desire to put the time she does in at the pool.  She makes me smile.  Thinking about swimming a mile in the pool makes my whole body hurt.  She doesn't think twice about it.  She works really hard.  

Today is a happy day with the sun shining, the birds chirping and warm weather.  I love it. Off to do genetics. 

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Monday, March 21, 2011

I have decided I am going to try this blogging thing again. Why I have no idea. I don't even know who reads it. So here we go.

Since I last wrote a lot has happened. I will spare you the details but the reason I started this blog was when my in laws moved in. They have since past on. Mom passed away 2 years ago and Dad this past February. I must say that some days are so emotional and quiet here in our house. Weird to say when we have 3 children and we are never home.

I decided to start coaching again this past year and I am in love with it. I coached a middle school team and had so much fun. Those girls are great. I am now coaching a 7th grade girls travel team and they had their first tournament this weekend and wow they did great. We lost the first 2 games by 30 and won the third game by 38 and lost the 4th game by 5 to the team that beat us by 30. Now we officially have the jitters out. Guess what, we are going to tournament again this weekend. How exciting.

I am back in school for my teaching degree, going to start training for another 1/2 marathon for 2011 and most of all I am going to live life to the fullest.

Have a great day and Happy Spring!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of 2009

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very long time since I posted to my site. I am going to work harder in 2010 to update more often. I enjoy writing and sharing.

2009 was a crazy year. It started with my husbands mom passing on January 14th. That was very emotional for all of us especially my husband and the kids. She was in our home in hospice care and she died in peace. She is in a much better place. She was a wonderful lady that inspired me in soooo many ways.

I had resigned from my job in late 2008 to stay home and help with mom. I then decided that it was probably best to stay home for this year and help with Dad and the kids.

I started running and ran my first half marathon in April. Completed the Nashville Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon. Wow! It was fun and exciting. I had never been to Nashville before what a great city. I got to visit with two good friends. I also saw my new favorite artist Jason Mraz and one of my all time favorites Dave Mathews Band at Vanderbilt.

School came to an end for the summer and the kids and I jumped in the car for a 6 week road trip. What a blast. Bob joined us for the first 10 days and then flew in every other week to take us to the next destination. We started on June 26th and got home August 3rd. We saw DC, Cape Cod, Burlington, VT, Niagara Falls, Lion's Head, Canada one of the most beautiful places on earth, Michigan and then home sweet home.

School started again and the children are doing fabulous. I have decided to keep busy by volunteering to the PTO to help with the 5k road race in February. We already have 200 registrations and many more to come after the first of the year.

Bren played soccer this fall, Owie found out that baseball is his sport and Sammi will continue with her art. Also she ended the year riding Jack and has told me her new sport is horseback riding. I guess we need to play the lottery.

I also trained for another 1/2 Marathon on Thanksgiving day. It was lots of fun and reached my personal goal. I started working out in August and have lost 25lbs with more to lose. I owe my success to my husband and trainer. It is a lot of work but they both keep me on task.

We still care for my husband's dad and he has started to decline with his memory. It has been a challenge that we have taken with grace.

I have learned a lot this year. If you think it is perfect it probably is not. I have learned that love doesn't always mean easy. Although our summer vacation earned perfection from children behaving, to wonderful friends and family. I can't wait to see what 2010 holds. I am sure a job and lots of fun. Hope everyone has a happy last day of 2009.

I am claiming 2010 the year of Family, Friends and lots of Fun.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

My oh My ~ Number 3

Shall we call her Princess ... She is our third child and we love her dearly. I haven't known what to do this year because she entered Kindergarten. She sits next to me as I write this blog crying. Why I ask . She is crying because I wanted to refer to her as Ms. Sassy Pants and that hurt her feelings. She is my most sensitive princess.

She loves to talk!

Princess is my only girl! Can you tell! This is a picture of her at the first day of kindergarten. She is so precious. My favorite thing she has said to me since school started "why do I have to do this anyway?"

Her Brothers love her!

She loves tennis. She loves her "Nanni" which is her blanket that she goes to bed with. She loves the beach and sand. She loves getting her picture taken

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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Please stop by and say hello to my friend Jessica. She is a SAHM with a great heart. I wanted to introduce you all. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I want to first say it is still very interesting to meet new Bloggers. I want to say thanks to my blogger friends that have stuck with me while I have been gone. Thanks Tiffany my California friend. I wish I was still there. What a support network. Also met a new friend Rhea who is very interesting check her out.

A lot of you know that it has been a crazy year but I think it is slowing down. In all aspects of good and bad. My real estate has come to a slow halt but that is ok. Keeping it in my back pocket. My family grew in December (got the in laws) and I think that we have settled into a routine with full time caregivers that help. I Have a brother in law fighting cancer, a best friends 4 year old daughter fighting leukemia, friends businesses struggling, and my oldest son being diagnosed with severe food allergies. We are doing it God has put his challenges before us and we can handle it. At least that what I tell myself.

Started a new business marketing energy in Texas and Georgia. This is the most exciting news in a long time. My business is growing and I am doing it very part time. It is so exciting. It has motivated me to go to the gym daily well actually Kimmie did that. Regardless I am going. I am on day 7. My husband said he has never seen me so excited. It is awesome when you can save your friends money on their energy bills. You can help me grow this business if you are in Texas or Georgia. Send me an email and I can get back in touch.

Have a wonderful evening!

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