Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I want to first say it is still very interesting to meet new Bloggers. I want to say thanks to my blogger friends that have stuck with me while I have been gone. Thanks Tiffany my California friend. I wish I was still there. What a support network. Also met a new friend Rhea who is very interesting check her out.

A lot of you know that it has been a crazy year but I think it is slowing down. In all aspects of good and bad. My real estate has come to a slow halt but that is ok. Keeping it in my back pocket. My family grew in December (got the in laws) and I think that we have settled into a routine with full time caregivers that help. I Have a brother in law fighting cancer, a best friends 4 year old daughter fighting leukemia, friends businesses struggling, and my oldest son being diagnosed with severe food allergies. We are doing it God has put his challenges before us and we can handle it. At least that what I tell myself.

Started a new business marketing energy in Texas and Georgia. This is the most exciting news in a long time. My business is growing and I am doing it very part time. It is so exciting. It has motivated me to go to the gym daily well actually Kimmie did that. Regardless I am going. I am on day 7. My husband said he has never seen me so excited. It is awesome when you can save your friends money on their energy bills. You can help me grow this business if you are in Texas or Georgia. Send me an email and I can get back in touch.

Have a wonderful evening!

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Kimberley said...

Don't give me the're the one doing all the work...buff we will be!