Friday, September 5, 2008

My oh My ~ Number 3

Shall we call her Princess ... She is our third child and we love her dearly. I haven't known what to do this year because she entered Kindergarten. She sits next to me as I write this blog crying. Why I ask . She is crying because I wanted to refer to her as Ms. Sassy Pants and that hurt her feelings. She is my most sensitive princess.

She loves to talk!

Princess is my only girl! Can you tell! This is a picture of her at the first day of kindergarten. She is so precious. My favorite thing she has said to me since school started "why do I have to do this anyway?"

Her Brothers love her!

She loves tennis. She loves her "Nanni" which is her blanket that she goes to bed with. She loves the beach and sand. She loves getting her picture taken

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Kimberley said...

She is precious. She is a princess. And she is Ms. Sassy Pants!

She is beautiful!

Evi said...

She's Adorable.
Can be tough to send the last one off to school.
Nice to see you back on here!

Debbie said...

Hi Lulu! She is adorable and your kids are gorgeous! I just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up on Blog Around the World. And No it wasn't too late!

Blog Stalker said...

Little Mrs. Sassy Pants is adorable. Just don't call her that, but you can still refer to her as that on your blog.

It sure is great having a princess!

Have a great day!

UAFWIFE said...

You have been Tagged go check and see what it is all about!!

Kimberley said...

You are tagged! Go to Hokey Pokey for your instructions.

UAFWIFE said...

You have been tagged!!! Go check it out!

Genie Marie said...

Such a cute reminds me of my little girl who is 5. Too cute! Love your blog and look forward to reading more!