Sunday, January 13, 2008

The beginning

This is my first blog. I am starting this blog because I don't think that our Senior population has a loud enough voice. I am going to use my personal experiences and what I learn from others to help increase the voice of our seniors. I will give you the quick details how this all became.

It all began in September 2007 when my husband and I went home to have a family meeting regarding his parents. The FALLS had began and the CONFUSION started. SCARY is all we could think. The result of the meeting was that they would be moving to Georgia. We came home to renovate the house to get things moving for them to make the move from Michigan to Georgia.

December 9, 2007 was the day that the work really started.

We had 5 Dr. appointments, 4 hair appointments, and 1 trip in the ambulance on christmas eve, all in the first month. I think to myself how do they do it on their own? We have appointments with specialist because we have a NO sleep issue starting at 12am daily. We thank the lord for putting the caregiver in our path. We will see a Dr. who specializes in accupuncture to see if that can help the stonosis???? Eastern Medicine I say bring it on. We live at the Drug Store. They know me by name in such a short time.

Do you ever wonder why your parents sit at the Dr's Office for 3 hours when they go? I will fill you in on my next visit.

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