Saturday, January 19, 2008

Doing the right thing

It has been 8 weeks now and we are adjusting as a family. In early November our family decided it would be best for my husbands parents to move in with us. At that time we need to do a quick but costly renovation. We gave up the formal living room to become a beautiful bedroom and made the half bath into a full handicap bathroom. At this point a walker is used but there is room in the future for a wheelchair if necessary. You could never believe the cost of ADA materials. The built in shower seat, the rails that are on each side of the toilet. My 4 year old will be great on the parallel bars. It is CRAZY. As I said before it all began on Dec. 9th. We survived the holidays. Our kids are doing great.

My 4 year old daughter keeps my mother in law busy when she isn't off coloring, painting or pretending she is a mommy with her dolls.

My seven year old sometimes thinks it is BORING because we don't go out to dinner any more. Oh well we are losing weight because of it.

The six year old is sooo cute he actually takes the time to respect his elders and introduces his friends.

We are learning a lot already. You need to stay on top of the hospitals and the Dr.'s. Figure out the mailaway pharmacy because you will be there weekly. It's amazing how many times a month we go to get prescriptions. So much to learn in a little time.

We have made strides with accupuncture for a severe case of spinal stonosis. We are in the process of determining the confusion. We try to make each and everyday a pleasant one.

I know in my heart that this was the right thing to do. Give our all of our love to our family memebers.

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