Sunday, February 10, 2008


Everytime I think about the number eight I think of my new life. Eight is enough says my husband. I really would have liked to have another baby but instead we were blessed with my mother in law and father in law and a care giver that takes care of all of us.

To think about grocery shopping for eight is just crazy. Crazy Eights

Being in Real Estate I used to think the families that lived together were crazy but here I am the crazy one. I could never imagined this life.

We always feared if we had another baby to grow our family to six we would get twins and have 7 here we are with eight of us. The baby sounds really good right now. At least easier for the moment.

The family sized chicken pack is now one meal instead of two. It is amazing. 36 eggs every week sometimes.

We added 2 additional barstools to our kitchen. The match our kitchen table. The kids get to trade off and have some space so that we are not all on top of each other at the table.

Eight people under one roof is completely amazing to me. I never knew that we had it in us to do. I prayed and prayed. We have been doing great. We still get to play cards on the weekends with our great friends. We made them promise to us that they would still hang out with us with our new addition. They have been a great support. So now when we order pizza for card night it used to be for nine but now it is for 12. WOW!

Eight is enough for us now. I told my father in law that isn't he happy that he doesn't have the 8 degrees in Michigan and is enjoying 58 degrees in Georgia today.


Kimberley said...

Great post! I love 8, but 9 would be great as well!!!! I think you need just a little more excitement!

Heather said...

Oh my stars and hearts, girl. You are amazing. You are absolutely the most patient, loving, and kind individual I've ever met. Your attitude puts me to shame about the way I treat my own in-laws. Am I gushing? I'm gushing. You deserve it.