Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today another great day! I am now out with my blog. I guess I will have to add great pictures. I just am here to let people know about my experience with aging parents. I have lost grandparents and have grandparents that are in their 80's but it is different when it is one of your own parents. Ok so I married an older man and who's parents married late in life so alas I have 80 something in laws. We are learning a lot with this transition what we should of done and what needs to be done. At some point in time we will figure this out.
The best thing is that we have great support from friends and family. Last night we had our good friends over and grandpa decided to hang out with us. That's cool! He is looking for interaction. So my mission this week is to get him involved in the community some how. Motivated is my word for him. Get him Motivated. What do you do with an 80 something male that is new to the community? I will let you know as soon as i find out.

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