Thursday, February 21, 2008

Number 2

I am going to start by introducing child number 2. The words that describe him are sweet, loving, cuddly, adorable, sensitive, caring and amazing.

  • The definition of his name is Desire Born ~ and that is the truth

How it all began:

We had just gotten back to Denver from a 3 week trip to Europe and Boston to see my parents for Christmas. I told my husband I was so tired and that if I hadn't just traveled across country I would think I might be pregnant. We had a nine month old and there was no way I could be pregnant. Of course I could. I took a test and sure enough baby number 2 was on its way. Due September 21st.

We had lots planned that year we flew from Denver to Hilton Head Island, S.C for a week in March for Easter. Saw the Dr. in between and everything was great. She said that it was safe to travel.

Then we got home and flew to Hawaii and this is were it all began. I was early in the second trimester at this point and I was having lots of cramping every time I picked baby #1 up, got out of a chair, or any kind of up and down motion. I chalked it up to ligaments stretching. My husband took over the carrying of the baby. The trip was great and we came back to Denver. I went for a check up and the Dr said everything still looked great and that it was just probably stretching because at this point the pain had stopped.

I got on a plane to Boston because I was going to spend 2 weeks with my parents before this baby got here. Plus I love Boston in the summer. I got to Boston and over 4th of July weekend we drove to Vermont to see my grandparents because they loved to see the grandchildren and with the new baby on the way I didn't know when we would get there for a visit again. He was about 14 months at this point. Soo cute. I woke up and was not feeling well. I went to get up and it felt like my water broke! All I could think was that this couldn't be happening to me I was only 28 weeks pregnant.

I called for my mother a nurse of 40 years and head of the OB ward for most of it. I couldn't believe this was happening I was 28 weeks pregnant. She dialed 911 and off I went to UVM the local hospital. They discovered that my placenta was tearing but they didn't know how bad. They couldn't determine by the ultra sound. My husband flew in from Denver that morning. After 5 days the bleeding stopped and they said this could happen on and off through the pregnancy but I couldn't fly back to Denver. They really didn't want me to drive back to Worcester, MA but that is were my parents worked and we had to get back. My aunt, my mothers twin got us connected with the best perinatoligist in Worcester and they were waiting my arrival. We left VT on Friday and stopped every 30 mins to go to the bathroom like they said. We were 45 mins from home and I started bleeding again. So back to the hospital I went. 7 days this time.

The bleeding stopped they said that I could go home and be on bed rest. I was home less than 48 hours and started bleeding again. It took over 20 mins to get to the hospital from the time we dialed 911. That was too risky because if you have a total placentia abruption they need less than 8 mins to do a c section to save you and the baby. 45 Days this time!

Now I am in the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy. I was at 34 weeks and the my awesome Dr. scheduled an amniocentesis to check the levels of lung development because at this point that was the last part to develop.

I called my husband who went back to Denver once they stabilized me because he had to work and said that they are doing the amnio on Monday am. He flew in Saturday night and came to see me first thing on Sunday morning. I had gotten up and ate breakfast and I felt that the babies head was in my ribcage. I thought this can't be good. Then my husband walked in and we talked for an hour and the nurse asked if he wanted a wheelchair to take me out to the garden. In the meantime I went to the bathroom and had started bleeding again. At this point God was with us. My Dr. was on call that weekend THANK YOU GOD, because her orders were an emergency c-section the next time I started to bleed and I really didn't want a c-section because I just wanted to get back to Denver soon.

They did an ultrasound immediately to see the position of the baby and of course he was head up. I just started to cry c-section . Although the last 45 days in the hospital I knew that was the plan. I just had a feeling that day that it didn't have to be that way. The Dr.'s put a plan together with us and it worked. With 8 hours I had baby #2. It was an easy delivery. The NICU team was there and after about 1/2 hour of work they said that sometimes it takes babies at 5.5 weeks early time to adjust. They put him in my arms. I looked at the nurse and said this is not normal. Why would they leave this baby with me he can't breathe. She called them back and sure enough they whisked him away. I was nervous and tired. I had the steroids, the stress, the bed rest and it was just not enough. He was born with undeveloped lungs. He was intubated for 8 days. He was only in the NICU 15 days.

Being in the hospital for 45 days I learned a lot and met several people who had babies at 23 weeks and on. It was a long journey meaning my pregnancy and the first year was hard. We had RSV, tubes, weezing, testing for cystic fibrosis which thank goodness it was negative. The stress was crazy but he was so cute. He is #2. He is the happiest 6 year old you will ever meet. He is all boy with a big heart. He naturally strives to be the best.

From the beginning he wanted to see the world that we live in. I learned a lot that year and came to grips with what perfect truly is.

My Journey with #2 We love him ~



Kimberley said...

Beautiful! I watched the video and can't stop smiling. He is perfect! I'm so blessed to have you, and O in my life! (Along with #1, #3, B. LeDonde, Mom, Dad, and the Jamaican!)

Heather said...

He's your little miracle!! I can't imagine how hard all that hospital time was for you...and away from home! He was worth it though. Now I have to go find a tissue. Where in Denver did you live? We need to talk.